First Dates and Bucketlists

I met this guy on a dating app and we had a lot of friends in common but we had never met before. 

We went for our first date at small bar in the city which was dimly lit and had good drinks.

I got there on time for once and positioned us at the back of the bar were it was a bit quieter. He arrived and then bought us both gin and tonics to start us off. Conversation flowed and we seemed to have a lot in common. He pulled in for a kiss and this continued for some time. Two and three drinks later he was feeling more adventurous and was trying to explore a bit more of me. He also mentioned that his bucket list item is to sleep with someone in bathroom cubicle. Immediately I had said no. But then he kept mentioning it. 

Even when we were leaving, he mentioned it again. As soon as we walked outside he tried to pull me against the wall and have his way with me right there on the street. You think he would have realised that I was taking my time with him. 

First date turned into a second date. We had drinks in Bondi and I showed him the local bars. Immediately when I arrived, his hands were heading in every direction. We started drinking and chatting and kissing and eventually we’re making out with me on his lap on a couch in Revesi’s. I’m surprised we weren’t kicked out for such behaviour. 

We went back to his mums apartment which was close by and clothes were coming off, his hands were going down to the right direction, his head was heading downwards and I was orgasaming before I knew it. I had decided that I liked this guy so I wasn’t going to sleep wth him. As much as I know it would be good sex, I wanted to take my time. I did want to return the pleasure to him, so I went down and explored him. And my god, what a perfect penis he had! I was a happy woman. And he was a very very happy man. 

He was also a gentleman for driving me home so I wouldn’t have to cab. 

Wait till you hear about our other dates! They are just as heated and leave me wanting more of Mr Tax.


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