Sneaky Late Night Visits to a Famous Bondi Restaurant

There’s a girl I know whose family owns this famous Bondi restaurant and they serve great food and have great music at all times of day. One time I visited this restaurant and there was a very hot guy working there. I was drinking and was pretty tipsy and kept flirting with this guy. He seemed to be responding well so I decided to give him my name and number when I was paying the bill. Now I’ve never given any guy my number after just meeting them so this was huge for me. I never received a message from him that night.

A week or so later I went to the restaurant with a big group of people and again was drinking and started flirting with him. I then proceeded to invite him out with my big group and said that he was working late but he’ll message later. As a bit of a test I said, “do you even know my name?” He answered back with my name so I was impressed as there are a lot of customers there and he’s hot so I’m sure he must meet a lot of girls. At this point I thought, shoot I don’t even know his name! So I mentioned this to him and he told me and said he’d message later. Again no message that night.

Soon after I forgot that I had even given this guy my number and was forgetting that he even existed. I got on with my life.

One night at 1.00am I received a text from a number, “What you doing?”. I was like wtf?! who’s texting me? I don’t know them. I even messaged back “Who is this?” and then suddenly it hit me. This is the dude that works at the restaurant. Luckily for me I don’t give my number out so I put two and two together. I then got excited. I had just gotten back from a night out and was getting ready to go to bed, but I decided to message back. He wanted me to come to the restaurant and have some fun. At this point it was 1.30am and I was tossing the idea in my mind. Should I go, or should I stay? The sane part of me said, “Are you crazy? Go to bed!”, while the adventurous side of me said, “Go have fun”. I decided to quickly change and head there.

It was a quick drive down the road and I parked right outside and messaged him to let me in. We walked to the back and I saw two Coronas and a pack of cigarettes sitting on the booth table. He quickly pulled me in for a kiss and I immediately responded and soon we were in the middle of the booth and clothes were coming off. He was hot with tattoos all over his body. This was crazy. I was there at this famous Bondi restaurant after hours at 2.00am and naked in a booth about to have sex with this hot guy. We were about to have sex when I asked if he had a condom. He didn’t. Well that fantasy was ruined. No way was I having sex with a guy I don’t really know without a condom. We ended up not making the home run and settled for third base. He was a lot of fun and participating in oral sex in a restaurant booth is a lot of fun.

I received another message from him at 1.30am a few days later. I didn’t respond. I was in bed about to go to sleep. About a week later I get this weird call asking for someone and realising it was a wrong number. But then I get this text asking if I know this guy from the Bondi restaurant. I said possibly. This person questioned me even more and I started getting a bad vibe. I then call this person and they say “I am his girlfriend”. I was so shocked because he never mentioned a girlfriend in any of our encounters. We then talked on the phone about this more and she was the nicest girl in the world and did not deserve this at all. I’m not sure what happened to them in the end because I was never going to go back to this scumbag and I didn’t want to press the issue with this girl.

Over a month later I went to the restaurant and luckily he wasn’t working because that would be awkward. I walked out of the restaurant and saw him walking with another guy towards the restaurant. I made eye contact and gave him the dirtiest look and just continued walking. I hope he’s never working when I visit the restaurant now.

Moral of the story – late night visits at a restaurant after hours is a lot of fun, but make sure the dude does not have a girlfriend beforehand. Clearly I trust to easily and expect guys to tell me this information upfront when I give my number.



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