Being in a Love Triangle for One Night

This story occurred after me being recently single after a long term relationship with my first boyfriend. My friend G was friends with an American guy who was in Australia studying abroad. G and him planned this big night out with some of the Americans and Canadians that were on exchange. She invited me as she knew I was recently single so wanted to party all the time.

The evening started with pre drinks at her place were we could all start to get to know each other and make conversation with the courage of alcohol. Already I thought two of the guys were hot. One Canadian from Toronto and one American from Boston. We then made our way into the city and went to the cheapest bar there, Bar Century (RIP). The bar was known for their cheap shots, sticky floors and sweaty smell. I was already at a good level of drunkness and was flirting with both of the guys that I thought were hot. I just couldn’t work out if they were as keen as me.

After loading ourselves with cheap boos we walked to Scubar, otherwise known as one of the backpacker clubs in Sydney. We drank more, we danced heaps and we just had fun. I continued my flirtations with both boys and was just wanting one of them to make a move. I went to the bathroom and G came in and informed me that they were both talking about me in a heated discussion saying they both wanted me and they weren’t sure who should be the one to make the move on me. G said that it was that heated that there was almost a punch up!

When I came back from the bathroom, you could tell that something had changed in the air. I continued dancing and wasn’t sure which guy would be the one for me tonight. Finally one of the guys made their move. It was the Canadian. We made out on the dance floor and the American was so upset by this he had to cool himself down by going outside.

It got to around 1.30am when our group wanted to leave and head back to the American’s place that was up the road. My friend G said she was heading home so i said goodbye to her and made my way with the Canadian and the American and their crew to the American’s place. Drinks were drunk, weed was smoked and rap was playing in the background. The Canadian and I were getting frisky and so we left and made our way back to his place in North Sydney. We got there and he was fishing for his keys when he realised he didn’t have them. He phoned the American’s and they said that his keys were at their place on the other side of the bridge. I couldn’t believe this was happening. We hopped in a cab at around 3.30am and drove over the bridge, picked up the keys and drove back to his over the bridge again.

We kissed our way to his room and clothes started coming off and we started the after party in his bed. He was a great at giving pleasure and that’s a big tick in my books. The time came for a home run to be hit when he looked in his jeans pocket that were on the floor for a condom. No condom. He lost his condoms. This night was not turning out how I had planned. He had to apologise with unlimited orgasms until we fell asleep.

Morning arrived and I made my way home. I had given him my number and was hoping to meet up with him to finish what we started, but sadly we never got that final finish. He did text two days later to say that he found the condoms that fell out of his pocket onto the front porch outside his place were we were sitting prior to fetching his keys from the American’s place.

Moral of the story – I should always have a condom on me in case the guy I’m with loses his condoms on his front porch.


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