First Date with Hottie Hipster

Once I had messaged Hottie Hipster he asked me out for drinks. I was ecstatic as I had waited a year for this to happen. He was hot and mysterious and I couldn’t wait to find out more about him. We organised to meet up for drinks on a Saturday night at a bar in Kings Cross. I knew we were in for a good night if we were starting at the Cross.

He took me to a classy establishment at a bar he used to work out. Perfect as he knew the good drinks to order and the right people to give us discounts and some free drinks. I had told my girl friend that I was heading to the Cross for one drink with this guy and then would meet her out. As usual when I go out, one drink led to two and two drinks led to three and then I never met her out.

The conversation flowed well and I felt like we would never run out of things to say. Maybe that was just the alcohol flowing through my veins. There is a high percentage that it was the alcohol! His friends from the bar gave us free whiskey shots (shots as is three) and I had quite a few cocktails. I was feeling giddy and a bit frisky.

We eventually left the bar after after he paid the tab (yas cheap night!) and we were walking towards the taxi rank when he looked down at me and me up at him and we kissed. It was a hot and passionate kiss and I was really wanting to say to him “take me right now, right here”. But he said, “come home with me” and I answered “I don’t normally go home with guys on the first dates but I guess technically this isn’t my first time meeting you so okay”.

We got in the first taxi we saw and made our way to his house. I didn’t even know where he lived. He could have lived in a dump for all I knew. Luckily for me he lived in a town house and his room was up some stairs on the second level. We had such sexual tension that finally when I was kissing him and him touching me I could have this great release of pleasure. He went down on me for maybe 20 minutes and all I could do was just lie back and enjoy it. We had sex three times that night and I went home before 4.00am (I don’t do sleepovers, even though he wanted to make me breakfast). Those three times were mind blowing and full of multiple orgasms and I knew we were going to have more fun every time I saw him. He made me feel beautiful, sexy and a sex goddess and that he was lucky to even be in the same bed naked. He loved that I liked changing positions and just having fun with us having sex.

I had a friend request from him straight after I left his place. In this circumstance, I accepted and made plans in my head that I would be seeing Hottie Hipster again.

Moral of the story – Go to bars where either you, your friend or your date knows someone. You get free drinks out of it and free drinks means you save money.


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