Hook Ups with Mr Ego

Mr Ego and I had been hooking up for numerous months. We hooked up wherever we could. His place, the car, parks and more. 

He was always a bit weird about staying over and that he didn’t want his parents to know. So we snuck in around 10ish and then they were at work or out the house by the time we got up. 

The morning after the first time I stayed over, I met his mum. He didn’t think his mum was home, but she was. She was on the phone and put the phone call on hold while she said hello to me. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought and she was lovely. I don’t think Mr Ego remembers this meeting.

The second time I stayed over I had driven. I was scared to park the car and run over his dogs so he parked it for me on their property. It was a great night. Hot sex. It had been a few weeks since we had sex together and this was probably up there with my top 10 best sex with Mr Ego. Maybe it was because more feelings had grown between us so the connection was better or maybe it was just that it had been a while. I fell asleep in his arms while we were watching tv and we cuddled into the morning. 

On my way home I received a text from Mr Ego to say that his father saw me on the security cameras that they have on the property as well as his mum, brother and brothers girlfriend. Can I say that I read that and wanted to crawl into a hole. How embarrassing that they all saw me and I didn’t see them or say hello. I was mortified!! I still am mortified. And also how did Mr Ego forget he has security cameras on his property! 

Mr Ego’s parents thought it would be a good idea to meet me as I’m sneaking into their property which they didn’t appreciate. So I drove to Mr Ego’s the. Each day to meet the parents. Meeting the parents is already nerve racking. I was meant to meet them when Mr Ego and I hadn’t even defined what were. Awkward much. To make matters worse Mr Ego lives an hour and a half away. So i was driving in my car all that way and it was a hot day and I’m sweating from just the nerves alone. I message to say I’m 10 minutes away. I then get a message when I’m 3 minutes away to say that I can’t come over as his parents changed their mind and they don’t want to meet me today. I was losing my shit on the side of the road! I made Mr Ego take me out to lunch because I didn’t drive 1.5 hours away to be told to turn around. I still haven’t met his parents to this day. Mostly because I don’t want to be told to turn about and also that we have a complicated friendship.

Moral of the story – maybe a FaceTime would be better to meet the parents. It’s probably easier for both parties involved. 


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