Hottie Hipster

Sometimes men think things are fate when in actual fact you stalked them and created this ‘fate’. I created this ‘fate’ and that is because I really wanted to get this sexual tension that I had with someone out the way.  anonymous

I had met Hottie Hipster at a bar and he was cute and had a great voice. There was just something about him that I was attracted to. He had a moustache (which I generally am not interested in), some tattoos that peeked out of his t-shirt and good hair that you can grab onto during sex. He gave me his number and I messaged after a few days. We tried meeting up but our lives were to busy for this. Eventually we stopped texting.

About a year later I was drinking with colleagues on a Friday after work. I suddenly thought about Hottie Hipster and wondered what he was up to. I typed his name into Facebook and found out he was working at a bar around the corner from were my colleagues and I were. After quite a few drinks, I updated my colleagues with this information and said maybe we should check it out. Great idea they said! We someone how managed to walk there and found some seats and ordered another round of drinks.

I looked around and didn’t see him. Devo. I then turn to my right and see him walking towards to bar. Wow. I still was attracted to him. I didn’t want to seem like a stalker so didn’t talk to him but made eye contact whenever he walked by. Eventually he walks over and asked ‘Are you XXX?’ and I said yes. He then asked ‘Did you used to go to that bar in that suburb?’ I answered yes. ‘Do you remember me?’ he asks. Of course I freaking remember you! haha. ‘WOW, the last thing I remember was that you were in the U.S. travelling’. I said ‘yes, that was a year ago’. We chatted a bit and he said ‘Wow, can’t believe I have bumped into you. Message me and we should catch up’. If only he knew that this was half fate and half of me having great FBI skills.

I messaged him the next day and I have plenty of interesting stories including the first date.

Moral of the story – Women make their own fate and sometimes FBI skills are useful in making their own fate.


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