Meeting Mr Social

The first time I properly met Mr Social was a memorable night. I was at an art gallery opening and he joined my group as he did business with some of them and I was properly introduced. He’s a gorgeous older guy who everyone I know thinks is hot AF. I realised that the group I was with didn’t treat him like a normal person, but rather as someone to discuss work with. Me being my confident self thought it would be a good idea to just chat to him about every day things. We lived in the same area and went out to the same places so that was a good start. The more drinks we had the more the conversation flowed. The dunker we got. He then mentioned we should share a cab home with some of his friends that were also there, which I thought was brilliant and wouldn’t have to pay the fare all by myself.

We left the client event and me being in my drunk state suggested everyone should go out for more drinks. Great idea everyone thought. Mr Social invited us all back to his for a round of drinks. Wine was bought, music was put on and conversation was non stop between us all. That night I found out Mr Social had broken up with his girlfriend the day before. I was attracted to him and was dying to have sex in general as it had been a few weeks. I remember dancing while he sat next to me and then I remember being on his lap and kissing him. It felt so right and I wanted more. After asking so many times for him to take me to his room, he finally said let’s go.

I made my way to his room and we said goodnight to the rest of the group. I stripped for him and he looked at me with an appreciative look. He was gorgeous. He might be much older but he was someone who didn’t age. One thing led to another and we were passionately kissing  and having sex, hot sex. After finishing one round he just continued giving me endless orgasms with his hands until I couldn’t take it any more.

I then ordered a cab home and he walked me downstairs. I was shocked by what happened. That I was able to have sex with a guy that is lusted over by so many women and he’s twice my age.

The next day I had a Facebook friend request from him. I couldn’t accept it but didn’t want to be rude so I messaged and explained why I couldn’t accept it.

This started a new friendship between me and Mr Social with stories that still shock me and my friends that I have told.


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