Mr Ego – Making an impact

I met this guy three and a half years ago and this guy has made a huge impact in my life. Both good and bad. I have been seeing this guy as a friend, as a hook up and sort of as more over the past few years. There are a lot of stories that will involve him so lets call him Mr Ego. Mostly because of his big ego.

I will skip the beginning for now as that was very messy, but this post is about how Mr Ego gave me the one thing that not many people have. That is confidence. Because of him, I am a confident woman that is happy in my own skin. Sure I can sometimes have my off days and say I wish I was this or I wish I was that, but majority of the time I love the way I look and this projects off of me giving me a confidence.

Mr Ego made me see that I am pretty, beautiful, hot and have assets I didn’t know even were assets. As much as I am constantly annoyed with Mr Ego, I do thank him (not that he knows) for helping me find myself.

One of the other things that Mr Ego taught me is how to play the dating game and how men work. This has lead me to use my confidence and knowledge to work guys to get what I want. What I want is usually food, drinks or sex. You’ll see this throughout my posts especially when you meet bartender 2 and my favourite guy at the moment, Mr Social.

Moral of this story – Sometimes you need to find the positive moments no matter what or you’ll drive yourself insane.



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