Canadian Thanksgiving

Let us start with a light hearted story to begin with. I will set the scene. I was walking to the train station and making my way to work. There is a slight wind in the air. I see a cute guy step off the bus and make eye contact with me. This eye contact was at a perfect moment in time. Why is that? The wind happened to be blowing my hair in such a perfect way that it could not have been perfectly timed if I tried. The cute guy starts walking in time with me and checking me out. He then speaks and says ‘you have great legs’. We then make small talk as we wait at the traffic lights. Once the green man lights up we walk to the other side of the road and he asks if he can have my number. I think, why not, I’ll give a stranger my number, what is there to loose. I pass him my number and walk off to the train station and he in the opposite direction.

We start messaging and I am getting a sense that this guy is different. He wants to cook me dinner for our first date. I always say a no to that because what if the guy is a psycho and you’re stuck at his place having a horrible time. I was honest and told him that. He did respond saying he likes to choke people. He then said he was joking and has a psycho humour. You think I would have gotten the hint, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I received a message a couple days later asking if I want to come to a party at his place where they are celebrating Canadian thanksgiving. The text mentioned that he will be getting some drinks and a turkey. Sure, why not I respond. I buy some ciders and head to this party. I am a tad nervous as I am going alone and won’t know anyone there. I knock on the door and he’s letting me in by saying the turkey isn’t here yet. There are also no people besides his room mate. Weird as I am an hour late to the party. I crack open one of my ciders and he shows me around the small apartment. In his bedroom I notice some books on the floor so comment and ask what he likes reading. He then says he likes reading everything but he just finished American Psycho. He then wants to read a chapter out loud to me from American Psycho. At this stage I think it’s slightly weird but why not kill time by reading. We lie on his bed and he starts reading me a chapter from the middle of the book. I’ve never read American Psycho myself nor have I seen the movie, but the more he reads the weirder I feel about this. After he finishes the chapter he tries to kiss me and starts getting very handsy. Now he was cute, but I wasn’t feeling it after reading American Psycho. I then realise that this situation is way out of hand and I am going to leave. I get off his bed and notice his cupboard open. In his cupboard he has around $500 in fifty dollar notes just sitting there. Stupid move on his part because I know it’s there and I know where you live and I could just take the money if his head was turned. As I leave his apartment and one of the weirdest situations I have been in, I tell him ‘Nice to meet you, but this is weird and I am taking my ciders with me’. I leave happy that I have my ciders and then meet my friends for dinner and tell them of my evening.

Moral of the story – Clearly the guy was a psycho to begin with and why was the turkey on its way, shouldn’t you have bought it at the store earlier in the day.


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